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A Baffle Plate (also known as a throat plate) is a deflector plate that is installed at the top of the fire box and is typically made from Steel, Cast Iron or sometimes fire brick.

The job of a Baffle Plate is to slow down the flames within the fire box and ensure that combustion takes places within the fire box rather than half way up the chimney.  By keeping the flames within the firebox longer it will burn off any excess gases within the fire box providing better heat to the room.

Another job of the baffle plates and its more important job is to take away the stress from the stove itself.  The stove produces continuous heat that would eventually burn through the lid of your stove.  The baffle plate is there to take this risk away and as a result will perish over time and will need to be replaced,  however with an average price of £40-50 its a lot cheaper than replacing the stove.

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