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Clearview Stove Spares - Tips & Advice

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Help and advice on maintaining your Clearview Stove

Clearview Stoves are a British designed and manufactured multi fuel range of stoves that have become one of the most popular stoves found in British homes. As with any wood burner it will require some TLC throughout its life. If your maintenance is carried out every year then thee is no reason why your Clearview stove cant last for 20 plus years.

Clearview Stove Models:

There are a number of stoves in the Clearview range and the most popular are the following models:

  • Clearview Pioneer 400
  • Clearview Vision 500
  • Clearview 650
  • Clearview 750

Popular Stove Spares - What is changed most?:

There are what we call "Front Line Spares" which are basically the most popular every day spares or the essentials. These front line spares include Baffle Plates, Fire Bricks, Fire Grates, Log retainers, Stove Glass and often glass clips and screws.

These are typically the main parts that take a bit of a bashing on a daily basis so are the ones that are generally replaced.

What are these parts and what do they do?:

Ok im so used to the terminology used I forget that it can be a bit of a minefield working out which part is which. Here is a quick run down to what part is what and which part goes where. You will be a pro by the end of this blog!

Baffle Plate:
The baffle plate (also known as a "Throat Plate") is a steel plate that sits within the Clearview stove and rests on top of the bricks. So effectively the baffle sits at the roof of the stove and is supported by the bricks. The Baffle plate is designed to control the flames within the fire box and stop them being sucked up the chimney. By slowing the flames down and redirecting the heat back into the fire box provides better heat into the room therefore giving you better efficiency and also more importantly it protects the top of the stove from the excessive heat. Never use a stove with a damaged or removed baffle!

Fire Grate:
The fire grate is a circular grate (Pioneer 400 & Vision 500) or a large static grate (650/70) that sits at the bottom of the firebox and is where you burn your fuel, these parts take a real battering over time and as a result they can thin out and eventually burn out. To avoid the grate burning out prematurely ensure no fuel gets stuck in between the slots in the grate as it will start to burn through the cast iron. Its worth checking before you light the fire the next day.

Log Retainer:
The log retainer is a steel or cast iron bar that sits at the front of the firebox and is designed to stop any fuel or logs falling into the glass window. As fuel rests on this during the burn cycle it can sometimes become thin or corroded.

Stove Glass:
Probably the most self explanatory part it sits in the stoves doors and allows you have that wonderful warm glow that you enjoy so much. Although the Clearview stoves have an excellent airwash system the glass can sometimes become a little hazed or blackened. This is a simple fix and just needs a quick wipe with a cloth and some glass cleaner and it will be as good as new.

Glass Clips and Screws:
The glass clips and screws are there to simply hold the Stove glass in place. Never over tighten the screws as this will cause the glass to crack when it heats up and expands.

Clearview Tips and Tricks:

  1. If your door is not sealing correctly simply turn the door handle one turn to the left and it will automatically adjust. Close door and check seals again. you will be able to do this a few times but we recommend that you purchase a new rope kit shortly after.
  2. Not sure which way the baffle goes into your stove? Place the baffle upside down and allow it to fall naturally. Which ever side of the baffle ends up flat to the floor is the back of the baffle and goes in first and sits on the rear brick.
  3. Install your baffle quickly by installing the bricks into the stove and then simply the put the baffle into the stove at an angle (approx 75 degrees) and lift the baffle as high as it goes and slowly reduce the angle and straightening the baffle out until it clears the bricks and simply rest the baffle down onto the bricks.

Stove Spares Ltd - We can supply all of your Clearview spares at LOW prices with fast delivery and we offer a friendly helpful service with over 20 years experience in the industry. If you cant find the stove spares your looking for simply call our team on 01646 278010

Popular Clearview spares quick links:

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Baffle/Throat Plates:
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Fire Bricks:
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Log Retainers:
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Fire Grates:
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Stove Glass:
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Michelle 3 years ago at 09:17
Great Article it really helped me with my Pioneer 400 spares.

Very informative and linked direct to the pages I needed and at the end of the link was great prices so all in all a great find.