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There has been lots of misinformed information flying around from the national newspapers with some suggesting that Woodburning stoves are set to be banned under the new rules. This is totally wrong and we will aim to set the facts here to help give you the right information moving forward.

  • Are Woodburning Stoves set to be banned under the new legislation coming into play in 2022?

NO.... There are no proposals or legislation to support this idea. The idea behind the Eco Design programme is ensure that manufacturers are ensuring that their stoves are as efficient and friendly as they can be. The idea is that this will filter out the poorly made imported products that have in the past ignored any sort of efficiency ratings etc. From 2022 any new stoves that are installed would need to be Eco Design compliant.

  • If my stove was installed before 2022 and is not listed as Eco Design do I have to remove it?

Absolutely not. Only units sold after 2022 have to comply with the new acts. This will not affect the purchase of second hand units as they would have been manufactured prior to 2022.

  • Is it true that Woodburning stoves create a lot of emissions?

No, This is not a true reflection at all and have been incorrectly published in the national press. The figures that the press included open fires, Incinerators and bonfires as well as stoves. The particulates from stoves are only attributed to around 3%.

  • How can I ensure that im burning as efficiently and cleaning as I possibly can?

    To ensure your burning cleaning we recommend a few key points:

    1. Ensure your stove is installed inline with current regulations and by a qualified knowledgeable installer.
    2. Learn how to use the air controls correctly to ensure proper use of your stove.
    3. Only use quality dry wood and avoid burning off cuts of building material etc that may have been treated or painted.
    4. Ensure that your Chimney is swept by a registered Chimney Sweep at least once a year.
    5. Ensure all spare parts are replaced once sign of damage or wear is noticed.