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Handol Vs Contura - The brands explained

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Handol Vs Contura - The brands explained

We often get questions regarding stove spares for the Contura and Handol version and many are confused as to whether they are one and the same thing.

Nibe (Parent Company)

Nibe stoves is the largest Nordic manufacturer of high end quality wood burning stoves and employs around 950 people within the stove industry. NIBE is the parent company of Contura stoves. NIBE has become one of the most respected and most trusted manufacturers over the years and offer a fantastic range of stoves for all needs and their products are built in a state of the art factory which shows in the quality of their products.

Handol (Handöl) and Contura Connection

Going back probably 6 years plus the stove side of Nibe was split into 2 separate brands. Handol was the more traditional black box type of stove and the the more contemporary circular type stoves where branded under the Contura name.

Nibe Stoves decided to bring all the stoves under one name and now all stoves come under the "Contura" branding. Nothing has changed other than the name on the door casting.

Handol & Contura Stove spares

This is one of the most commonly asked question we receive:

Q: Ive got a Handol 51... will the bricks and other spares for a Contura 51 fit?

A: Yes, all the spares have stayed the same. It is the exact same stove and the only difference is that the front door used to have the Handol logo on the cast and now it says Contura.

So please feel free to check out our Contura stove spares page and be confident that even if your stove is branded as "Handol" its the same stove as the Contura version.

Best Selling Contura/Handol spares:

Our best seling spares are the Contura 51 stove spares and we stock large quantity for fast delivery.

The Contura 51 is the best selling Contura stove in the UK and rightly so its one of the best stoves we have ever come across in terms of its quality and performance. The contura 51 stove is a pleasure to use and burns extremely clean.

The most popular Contura 51/51L spares are as follows:

Please also note: You may see the spares advertised as Contura 50 Series, this is because the spares within this category fit all of the 5X series of stoves e.g. Contura 51, Contura 51L, Contura 52, Contura 54 etc