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[NEW PRODUCT] Stove Spares Hot Mitt

By Dean Fleet 2 years ago 772 Views 1 comment

Stove Spares "Hot Mitt™" heat resistant glove

Our latest product to be launched is the Hot Mitt™. The Hot Mitt™ is an extremely high quality glove that can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Centigrade making one of the highest quality heat gloves on the market today.

Made from a specialist weave of Kevlar and Nomex and finished with heat proof silicone for grip the Hot Mitt is great for opening the door of your stove or for emptying the ash pan or any other associated job that involves heat.

Our glove can you used on either hand and is designed to be extremely flexible unlike traditional leather gauntlet gloves.

All Hot Mitts are machine washable and if maintained can last a long time.

What is it made from?

Our extremely high quality Hot Mitt is manufactured from the very best materials available.


Most famously known for being used in bullet proof vests, Kevlar is also used to strengthen tyres and racing sails. One of its other uses is its resistance to heat for short periods of time. When woven together it creates a strong weave that is tear resistant and heat resistant.


Nomex is flame resistant so when combined with Kevlar offers the perfect material for use when using for picking up hot items and can be especially effective when using with BBQ's.


High quality thick layer of cotton is applied on the internal of the glove to provide a comfortable and soft additional layer.

Buy Hot Mitt today

Looking for a new stove heat glove.? Buy our Hot Mitt stove glove today

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