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What is EcoDesign 2022?

EcoDesign 2022 is a new legislation that has been introduced by SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) to help reduce emmissions by 2022 and is supported by the UK Government and is also backed by HETAS.

What makes a stove EcoDesign ready?

For a stove to be awarded the SIA EcoDesign label it must be verified by HETAS as meeting the five fundamental requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 with regard to Ecodesign for requirements for solid fuel local space heaters. This highlights the commitment to improving appliance design so that stoves are cleaner, more efficient and contribute to improving our environment through lower emissions produced.

Is SIA EcoDesign & EcoDesign the same thing?

No, There is a lot of confusion regarding what the official ruling is on EcoDesign offical approval. The SIA Ecodesign approval is the official Government backed scheme and these stoves will have been tested at an official authorised independent test centre and then verified by HETAS that the test is accurate and to spec. Only once its been accepted will it be awarded the offical SIA EcoDesign ready label

Unoffical EcoDesign Ready Stoves

The guidelines that determine whether a stove will pass EcoDesign levels are easily accessible via the SIA website and are based on NOx and particulate release. Technically a stove could be manufactured abroad and tested abroad and is found to comply with all the limits. These stoves are then branded as EcoDesign ready. Whilst technically it does or would pass the strict rules to comply it is simply not an offical EcoDesign stove.

Only stoves that bare the official SIA Ecodesign ready label have been tested and verified in Britain and are fully backed by HETAS, Stove Industry Alliance and the UK Government.

Buying a new stove on or after 1st January 2020

All new appliances installed on or after 1st January 2022 will need to be EcoDesign Ready to comply with the new regulations. Whilst we recommend that you look out for the SIA ecodesign ready label you can as it currently stands can install a stove that doesnt have the SIA label but claims to be Ecodesign ready. What we would say is that you take care when choosing a stove that is not SIA approved. If a stove is not SIA approved but is claiming to be ecodesign ready it is self certifying that it has passed the new rules. You will have no real proof that it is up to the new standard and its merely a claim of readiness. Buying an SIA approved stove will be tested in the official backed test centres and the results verified by HETAS (Governing body for Solid Fuel appliances).

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What Brands are currenlty SIA EcoDesign Approved?

The Following manufacturers are currently SIA /HETAS approved (correct as of 01/05/2019)