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Stove Fans - Large range of wood stove fans

By Dean Fleet 3 years ago 892 Views No comments

Wood Stove Fans

Stove fans have become a real popular stove accessory over the past few years and we are pleased to have developed a large range of fans and have worked very hard to ensure that we can offer the stove fans at a great price.

We are proud to be able to offer a 3 blade stove fan as well as a 4 blade stove fan both of which offer fantastic value for money. We are working hard on developing great quality products at affordable prices.

3 Blade Stove Fan

Our 3 blade stove fan is an ideal starter fan for those who want a compact fan that offers fantastic value for money. This small stove fan is an ideal gift for a family member or perfect if your curious and want to try out stove fans for log burners. What ever the reason you can be rest assured that our stove fan is made from the highest quality and is backed up by a 2 year warranty.

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4 Blade Stove Fan

3 Aug 2017 12:23:55

Our most popular wood stove fan is the 4 blade stove fan in black. The 4 blade stove fan is an extremely high quality stove fan that compared to the 3 blade feels that little bit heavier and with its 4 blades gives that little extra kick of warm air and is very much worth the extra £10 in our opinion.

We have tested these fans against some of the more expensive manufacturers on the market and they have performed extremely simialr. We even had a customer who replaced this fan for an old fan that cost her £115 and she was over the moon with the replacement fan from us! Our limited edition gold version is ideal if you want something as a bit more of a stand out piece in the room.

So if you looking for a new stove fan for your log burner and would like a wood stove fan at a great price without substituing quality then please check out our stove fans today for fast delivery and great value for money.