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Stove Spares Ltd Goes Worldwide

By Dean Fleet 3 years ago 867 Views No comments

Stove Spares Ltd Now ships WORLDWIDE

Stove Spares ltd is proud to announce that due to our rapid expansion we are launching our Spares business in Over 60 countries worldwide. Customers visiting from foreign countries will automatically be prompted to visit our website in their native country and will seamlessly be taken to the our new website in the chosen country.

Once transferred to the website in the country of your choice the website will be displayed 100% in your chosen language and all prices will be displayed in the countries own currency.

How It Works:

Upon landing on our site on a product page you will be greeted by a pop up message acknowledging that you are visiting from a foreign country. In this example we have used France as the example.

Once you accept that you want to view the French version it will re-directly quickly to the new website.

Once on the new website the product page will be translated and all prices will be displayed in Euro and you can complete the check out in French and in Euros as shown below:

The order will be processed and shipped to the destination by our international couriers.

So if your an Expat living in a different country or you have a stove but are based in Germany and spares are unavailable in your country then we can help. Simply place your order and leave the rest to us. We will ship your spare parts to over 60 countries worldwide including France, Germany, Spain and even as far as Japan and China.