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Woodburning stove spares

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Woodburning stove spares

What spares should I check in my woodburner?

As the winter slowly creeps in now is a great time to check your stove for any damaged or worn out parts in your stove. Checking your stove for damaged parts and replacing them will save a lot of hassle and money later on and will ensure that your stove is ready to work hard when the weather finally kicks in.

Parts to check

There are a few main line stove parts that should be checked on a regular basis.

Baffle Plate / Throat Plate - The Baffle plate is a large steel or cast iron plate that sits at the roof of the stove and is designed to protect the roof of the stove and to slow the flames within the fire to ensure better combustion and keep the heat in the firebox for longer to increase he stoves efficiency.

The first signs of wear can be the plate becoming misshaped due to he heat or even holes to burn through the metal.

Fire Bricks: - The sfire bricks line the internal walls of the stove and act as a protective barrier and stock the stove from becoming damaged for the intense heat. Signs of wear can be thinning of the brick or missing clumps of brick. Never use a stove that has large chunks missing where the body of the stove is exposed as this will certainly damage the stove.

Rope Seals: Its important that all rope seals are in good working order to ensure that the stove works efficiently by only burning the fuel required, A poorly sealed stove can allow too much air in and cause the stove to burn more fuel.

Fire Grates and Bars: The fire bars or grates hold the fuel within the firebox so understandably they take a fair bit of punishment, Check for warping, thinning or cracks in the grates and replace.

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