Charnwood Island 3 Clamping Plate - 010/CY61

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Charnwood Island 3 Clamping Plate - 010/CY61


The Charnwood Island 3 clamping plate is designed to ensure that the blankng plate is securly fixed to the body of the stove.  The Blanking clamp simply bolts on to the inside of the stove and as you tighten the bar it pulls the blanking plate to the stove.



Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions:

Installing the Island 3 blanking clamp is extremely easy and can be completed in around 5-10 minutes.


  • Remove existing clamp by removing the bolt - you will need to remove the baffle and bricks to gain access.
  • Clean the area from debris.
  • Replace with new bar and retighten the screw- We reccomend that you apply some copper grease to the thread to stop the thread seizing up.
  • Carefully replace the bricks and baffle.
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