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Chilli Penguin Stove Spares

Chilli Penguin Stove Spares

Chilli Penguin Stove Spares at LOW prices with fast delivery.

Stove Spares Ltd is an independent supplier of spares parts for Chilli Penguin stoves and boast LOW prices all year round. We hold large stock of the most popular Chilli Penguin parts including baffle plates and fire bricks.

Check out our full range of spares and should you require a spare that is not listed please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01646 278010.

Please Note: There are 2 versions of the Stoves.  Eco Design & Non Eco.  If you are unsure please check the Orange and Green images below before choosing which spares to look at:

Chilli Penguin Stove Spares by model:

Chilli Penguin Non Eco Stove Spares

Chilli Billie Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Chubby 5 Stove Spares (Non Eco)

The Chubby 8 Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Eighty Ate Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Eighty Ate Shorty Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Fat Penguin Stove Spares (Non Eco)

High And Mighty Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Hungry Penguin Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Penguin 8 Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Short Penguin Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Woody Stove Spares (Non Eco)

Chilli Penguin Eco Design Stove Spares

Spares Being added Shortly

Stove Spares Ltd is a leading independent supplier of Chilli Penguin Spares with LOW prices and fast delivery. Its important to keep your Chilli Penguin stove in good working order and replacing your Chilli Penguin Spare parts before its too late and damage is caused to the stove. We can supply all your Chilli Penguin spares today. Please contact our team on 01646 278010 should you require any assistance.

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