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Franco Belge Door Glass Seal/Gasket Kit - 181632

Franco Belge Door Glass Seal/Gasket Kit - 181632

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Franco Belge Door Glass Seal/Gasket Kit - 181632


The Franco Belge door glass seal is a soft self adhesive soft rope that sticks to the casting of the door and then once fixed the glass simply presses up against the seal to ensure a perfect seal between the glass and the body of the stove.

Please Note: Sometimes in transit the adhisive may appear to have come away from the rope.  Simply press tape back to the rope and the adhesive will adhere again.  Once the rope is installed and heated the glue will set strong.



Montfort Classic
Montfort Elegance (MK2)
Savoy Classic
Savoy Elegance



Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions:

Installing the Franco Belge Door Glass Seal/Gasket Kit - 181632 is extremely easy and can be completed in around 5 minutes.


  • Remove the existing glass retainers/glass clips and carefully remove the glass.
  • Clean the of any old adhesive and dust/grime to ensure the adhesive can stick properly .
  • Peel off the rear backing from the rope carefully to ensure you do not remove the glue and place around the internal casting area where the glass would sit.
  • Once your happy replace the glass and retainer clips ensuring you do not over tighten the screws .
Fire Brick Warranty (if applicable)

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