Replacement Back/Rear Fire Brick For Franco Belge Montfort Elegance (Mk2)

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Replacement Back/Rear Fire Brick For Franco Belge Montfort Elegance (Mk2)


The Replacement Back/Rear Fire Brick For Franco Belge Montfort Elegance (Mk2) brick is a high quality vermiculite fire brick that sits at the back of the stove to help insulate the rear of the stove and to avoid damage to the steel baffle.


The Montfort Elegance (MK2) rear fire brick has changed over the last few years and no longer has holes in the brick to fasten to the baffle.  If your current brick has the holes to secure it on to the baffle then this has been discontinued and you will be required to change the baffle and the brick at the same time.



Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions:

Installing the Franco Belge Montfort Elegance (Mk2) rear brick is extremely easy and can be completed in around 5-10 minutes.


  • Remove the Throat plate and Fuel Retainer.
  • Before Removing the original bricks take note of the position in which they are fitted.
  • Remove the old brick by pulling the bottom of the brick towards to you and remove at an angle.
  • Place brick in at an angle to hook the brick so it sits under the top of the baffle and push until it sits flat against the baffle.

Fire Brick Warranty Information:

Please note that due to the very nature of firebricks there are no warranties provided by the manufacturers.  Fire bricks are excluded from any warranties in the same way as car brake pads would be due to the many variances that can cause these parts to deteriorate.

When used correctly and carefully fire bricks can last 12 months and sometimes even longer. Please note that using the fire only a few times before the brick cracks does not mean that the brick is faulty as it may have absorbed moisture, a log may have moved during firing and hit the brick or simply been overfired.

Fore more information please read our full warranty and Tips guide -> CLICK HERE

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