Morso O6 Stove Glass (335mm x 285mm)

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Morso O6 Stove Glass (335mm x 285mm)


The replacement glass for the Morso O6 is a heat resistant glass panel manufactured from the highest quality Schott Robaxx glass.


Glass Dimensions: 335mm x 285mm



Morso O6



Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions:

Installing the Stove glass for the Morso Badger is extremely easy and can be completed in around 5 minutes.


  • Remove the existing screws and glass retainers.
  • If screws are stick soak in WD40 removing any excess before relighting.
  • Remove glass and replace seals if required.
  • Place glass onto the door.
  • Gently hand tighten the screws and retainers ensuring you do not over tighten to allow expansion of the screws and glass.
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