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We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as authorised stockists for Contura spare parts.

We are the Uk's largest stockists of spare parts with hundreds of Contura spares in stock ready for dispatch.

We keep good stock of all the popular parts within our 2000sq ft fully equipped warehouse and can dispatch parts in most cases the same day if ordered before midday.

We offer great value for money along with a superb next day delivery service by DPD all for an industry leading low price of £4.95.

Looking for a part that's not listed? No problem We can source all Contura parts directly from Sweden.

View our spares click the link to the right: Contutra Spares

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<![CDATA[[NEW PRODUCT] Stove Spares Hot Mitt]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/new-product-stove-spares-hot-mitt.html

Stove Spares "Hot Mitt™" heat resistant glove

Our latest product to be launched is the Hot Mitt™. The Hot Mitt™ is an extremely high quality glove that can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Centigrade making one of the highest quality heat gloves on the market today.

Made from a specialist weave of Kevlar and Nomex and finished with heat proof silicone for grip the Hot Mitt is great for opening the door of your stove or for emptying the ash pan or any other associated job that involves heat.

Our glove can you used on either hand and is designed to be extremely flexible unlike traditional leather gauntlet gloves.

All Hot Mitts are machine washable and if maintained can last a long time.

What is it made from?

Our extremely high quality Hot Mitt is manufactured from the very best materials available.


Most famously known for being used in bullet proof vests, Kevlar is also used to strengthen tyres and racing sails. One of its other uses is its resistance to heat for short periods of time. When woven together it creates a strong weave that is tear resistant and heat resistant.


Nomex is flame resistant so when combined with Kevlar offers the perfect material for use when using for picking up hot items and can be especially effective when using with BBQ's.


High quality thick layer of cotton is applied on the internal of the glove to provide a comfortable and soft additional layer.

Buy Hot Mitt today

Looking for a new stove heat glove.? Buy our Hot Mitt stove glove today

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<![CDATA[[NEW PRODUCT] Levante Wood Burning Stove Fans]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/levante-wood-burning-stove-fans.html

Stove Spares Ltd is proud to be able to offer our latest product the Levante ECO 5 Stove Fan. Over the past 6 months we have tried and tested many stove fans and we are now proud to be able to announce that our own stove fan is due to go on sale on the 1st February 2018. The Levante Eco 5 stove fan has been developed with built in safety features and many custom options to ensure that you find the best stove fan for your home.

Colour Options:

We decided that we wanted to develop as many options as possible to ensure we offer the very best options and to ensure that you can find the fan that best fits in with your decor.

We are proud to offer 5 different colour options:







During the design process and during our time of testing other products we couldnt help but notice that the wires that are connected to the motor and the heat pad were on clear display which looked a little untidy. In order to fix this we fixed a protection plate to the back of the fan to enclose and protect the wires from damage and also for cosmetic reasons.

A Major issue with some of the cheaper manufactured fans coming from Asia is that they tend to burn themselves out if they are subjected to high temperatures. Whilst you should ensure that you position the fan in the correct position and ensure that the stove is not run too hot we have developed a safety device to try and help combat this issue.

Below is a metal strip that will start to curl at approx 200 degrees. By starting to bend it will begin to list the fan off the top of the stove slightly to try and reduce the contact and thus reduce the temperature before damage is caused to the motor or the specialist heat pad.


All Levante Stove fans come with a 2 year warranty. Should your fan become faulty simply return the fan to us along with a copy of your receipt and we will repair or replace the Stove fan and deliver the fan back to you. Please note that the warranty does not cover damage that is a result of over firing the stove and damaging the components.

We also offer an out of warranty repair service. Simply contact our team and arrange to send the fan back to us for inspection. Our team will provide a quote for the repairs and if accepted we will take payment and complete the repair and return it back to you. Should you decide against the repair we offer a part exchange service where we will take the faulty fan back and discount a new replacement fan with £20 off the current price. This way you get a new fan at a great new price with a fresh 2 year warranty so you can be rest assured your guaranteed a long life from your stove fan.


Looking to buy one of our stove fans? You can purchase the latest models HERE

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<![CDATA[[ NEW PRODUCT ] STOVE ROPE GLUE]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/new-product-stove-rope-glue.html Woodburning Stove Rope glue

Stove Spares Ltd is proud to announce the launch of our newest product. We have developed our own specification rope adhesive glue designed for use on wood burning stoves.

Our glue has been developed to provide a very tacky consistency which will ensure the rope stays in place whilst the repair is taking place.

We spent a lot of time designing our custom made bottles and we are proud to announce our 30ml postage saver bottles which can be sent through the post via large letter for only £0.98 via 1st class large letter service compared to a standard round bottle which has to be sent as a small parcel costing £3.35. Thats a saving of £2.37!

We offer the fantastic 30ml postage saver bottles and we also offer a 100ml traditional bottle for larger jobs or for Chimney Sweeps and fitters who use glue throughout the day.


Looking for a new stove rope glue supplier with fantastic discounts? Check out our glue and request a free sample today by visiting our site and supplying your details. We will send you a free sample and a price list should you like our glue.

Check out our glue here: http://www.stoveropeglue.co.uk

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<![CDATA[Woodburning stove spares]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/woodburning-stove-spares.html Woodburning stove spares

What spares should I check in my woodburner?

As the winter slowly creeps in now is a great time to check your stove for any damaged or worn out parts in your stove. Checking your stove for damaged parts and replacing them will save a lot of hassle and money later on and will ensure that your stove is ready to work hard when the weather finally kicks in.

Parts to check

There are a few main line stove parts that should be checked on a regular basis.

Baffle Plate / Throat Plate - The Baffle plate is a large steel or cast iron plate that sits at the roof of the stove and is designed to protect the roof of the stove and to slow the flames within the fire to ensure better combustion and keep the heat in the firebox for longer to increase he stoves efficiency.

The first signs of wear can be the plate becoming misshaped due to he heat or even holes to burn through the metal.

Fire Bricks: - The sfire bricks line the internal walls of the stove and act as a protective barrier and stock the stove from becoming damaged for the intense heat. Signs of wear can be thinning of the brick or missing clumps of brick. Never use a stove that has large chunks missing where the body of the stove is exposed as this will certainly damage the stove.

Rope Seals: Its important that all rope seals are in good working order to ensure that the stove works efficiently by only burning the fuel required, A poorly sealed stove can allow too much air in and cause the stove to burn more fuel.

Fire Grates and Bars: The fire bars or grates hold the fuel within the firebox so understandably they take a fair bit of punishment, Check for warping, thinning or cracks in the grates and replace.

Stove Spares Ltd - we provide high quality wood burning stove spares at affordable prices, all over UK. Order woodburner spares, call us on 01646 278010

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<![CDATA[Stove Spares Ltd Goes Worldwide]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/stove-spares-ltd-goes-worldwide.html Stove Spares Ltd Now ships WORLDWIDE

Stove Spares ltd is proud to announce that due to our rapid expansion we are launching our Spares business in Over 60 countries worldwide. Customers visiting from foreign countries will automatically be prompted to visit our website in their native country and will seamlessly be taken to the our new website in the chosen country.

Once transferred to the website in the country of your choice the website will be displayed 100% in your chosen language and all prices will be displayed in the countries own currency.

How It Works:

Upon landing on our site on a product page you will be greeted by a pop up message acknowledging that you are visiting from a foreign country. In this example we have used France as the example.

Once you accept that you want to view the French version it will re-directly quickly to the new website.

Once on the new website the product page will be translated and all prices will be displayed in Euro and you can complete the check out in French and in Euros as shown below:

The order will be processed and shipped to the destination by our international couriers.

So if your an Expat living in a different country or you have a stove but are based in Germany and spares are unavailable in your country then we can help. Simply place your order and leave the rest to us. We will ship your spare parts to over 60 countries worldwide including France, Germany, Spain and even as far as Japan and China.

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<![CDATA[Stove Fans - Large range of wood stove fans]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/stove-fans-large-range-of-wood-stove-fans.html Wood Stove Fans

Stove fans have become a real popular stove accessory over the past few years and we are pleased to have developed a large range of fans and have worked very hard to ensure that we can offer the stove fans at a great price.

We are proud to be able to offer a 3 blade stove fan as well as a 4 blade stove fan both of which offer fantastic value for money. We are working hard on developing great quality products at affordable prices.

3 Blade Stove Fan

Our 3 blade stove fan is an ideal starter fan for those who want a compact fan that offers fantastic value for money. This small stove fan is an ideal gift for a family member or perfect if your curious and want to try out stove fans for log burners. What ever the reason you can be rest assured that our stove fan is made from the highest quality and is backed up by a 2 year warranty.

Interested? Check out the product page

4 Blade Stove Fan

3 Aug 2017 12:23:55

Our most popular wood stove fan is the 4 blade stove fan in black. The 4 blade stove fan is an extremely high quality stove fan that compared to the 3 blade feels that little bit heavier and with its 4 blades gives that little extra kick of warm air and is very much worth the extra £10 in our opinion.

We have tested these fans against some of the more expensive manufacturers on the market and they have performed extremely simialr. We even had a customer who replaced this fan for an old fan that cost her £115 and she was over the moon with the replacement fan from us! Our limited edition gold version is ideal if you want something as a bit more of a stand out piece in the room.

So if you looking for a new stove fan for your log burner and would like a wood stove fan at a great price without substituing quality then please check out our stove fans today for fast delivery and great value for money.

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<![CDATA[Wood Burning Stove Fan]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/wood-burning-stove-fan.html What is a Stove Fan?

A stove fan is a heat powered fan that is designed to circulate heat around the room. By improving the circulation of warm air it can make the room more comfortable and reduce fuel consumption.

A Stove Fan is ideal when the stove is installed in to a fireplace and doesnt sit out of the fireplace very much. By installing a Stove fan on top the stove will help to push the heat out into the room to avoid the heat being lost into the chimney.

How Does a Stove Fan Work?

A Stove Fan works by generating its own electricity. In order to do this its needs a difference in temperature. The base of the stove fan needs a heat source of typically over 60 Degrees Centigrade whilst the top part of the stove fan must remain cool.

The Stove fans have a thermo-electric module which acts as a mini generator to power the stoves fan motor. When the Module has a variance of heat temperatures (hot at bottom and cool at top) it generates electricity. The base of the fan heats the bottom surface of the module, while the top of the module is kept cooler by the fan's top cooling fins.

The Science behind a stove Fan

The Seebeck effect is a phenomenon in which a temperature difference between two dissimilar electrical semiconductors (P Type & N Type) produces a voltage difference between the two substances. With the introduction of a temperature difference heat flows across the joined semiconductors which in turn permits electrons to flow. With the electron flow or current comes the ability to power electrical devices such as the fan's motor.

Why Should I Buy A Stove Fan?

  1. Free to run - A stove fan costs nothing to run! Using only the heat from the stove to run it has zero running costs and does not require any batteries or cables. Simply sit on top of the stove.
  2. Maintenance Free - The fans are designed to be maintenance free although you may wish to give them a light clean from time to time. To clean the blades use a light detergent to remove any dust etc.
  3. Easy to set up - Simply place in a suitable place and watch the fan jump into life after the heat starts to transfer through the base.
  4. Increased efficiency - warm air is pushed out into the living area rather than just rising to the ceiling above the stove. This improves the heating effectiveness of the stove and results in greater room comfort as shown below.

Where can I buy a stove fan?

Stove Spares Ltd has a wide range of high quality stove fans available to choose from. We have 3 blade versions as well as 4 blade versions and also different colours to choose from.

  • 3 Blade Stove Fan - High quality stove fan with 3 blades. A great stove fan that offers value for money.
  • 4 Blade Stove Fan (Black) - High quality stove fan with 4 large blades that will produce more air flow than the standard 3 blade version.
  • 4 Blade Stove Fan (Gold) - Same fan as the black version but the fans are finished in a really nice gold finish to make the fan more of a stand out feature in the home.

If you have any further questions or would like to purchase a Stove fan over the phone please contact our team on 01646 278010

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<![CDATA[Clearview Stove Spares - Tips & Advice]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/clearview-stove-spares-tips-advice.html Help and advice on maintaining your Clearview Stove

Clearview Stoves are a British designed and manufactured multi fuel range of stoves that have become one of the most popular stoves found in British homes. As with any wood burner it will require some TLC throughout its life. If your maintenance is carried out every year then thee is no reason why your Clearview stove cant last for 20 plus years.

Clearview Stove Models:

There are a number of stoves in the Clearview range and the most popular are the following models:

  • Clearview Pioneer 400
  • Clearview Vision 500
  • Clearview 650
  • Clearview 750

Popular Stove Spares - What is changed most?:

There are what we call "Front Line Spares" which are basically the most popular every day spares or the essentials. These front line spares include Baffle Plates, Fire Bricks, Fire Grates, Log retainers, Stove Glass and often glass clips and screws.

These are typically the main parts that take a bit of a bashing on a daily basis so are the ones that are generally replaced.

What are these parts and what do they do?:

Ok im so used to the terminology used I forget that it can be a bit of a minefield working out which part is which. Here is a quick run down to what part is what and which part goes where. You will be a pro by the end of this blog!

Baffle Plate:
The baffle plate (also known as a "Throat Plate") is a steel plate that sits within the Clearview stove and rests on top of the bricks. So effectively the baffle sits at the roof of the stove and is supported by the bricks. The Baffle plate is designed to control the flames within the fire box and stop them being sucked up the chimney. By slowing the flames down and redirecting the heat back into the fire box provides better heat into the room therefore giving you better efficiency and also more importantly it protects the top of the stove from the excessive heat. Never use a stove with a damaged or removed baffle!

Fire Grate:
The fire grate is a circular grate (Pioneer 400 & Vision 500) or a large static grate (650/70) that sits at the bottom of the firebox and is where you burn your fuel, these parts take a real battering over time and as a result they can thin out and eventually burn out. To avoid the grate burning out prematurely ensure no fuel gets stuck in between the slots in the grate as it will start to burn through the cast iron. Its worth checking before you light the fire the next day.

Log Retainer:
The log retainer is a steel or cast iron bar that sits at the front of the firebox and is designed to stop any fuel or logs falling into the glass window. As fuel rests on this during the burn cycle it can sometimes become thin or corroded.

Stove Glass:
Probably the most self explanatory part it sits in the stoves doors and allows you have that wonderful warm glow that you enjoy so much. Although the Clearview stoves have an excellent airwash system the glass can sometimes become a little hazed or blackened. This is a simple fix and just needs a quick wipe with a cloth and some glass cleaner and it will be as good as new.

Glass Clips and Screws:
The glass clips and screws are there to simply hold the Stove glass in place. Never over tighten the screws as this will cause the glass to crack when it heats up and expands.

Clearview Tips and Tricks:

  1. If your door is not sealing correctly simply turn the door handle one turn to the left and it will automatically adjust. Close door and check seals again. you will be able to do this a few times but we recommend that you purchase a new rope kit shortly after.
  2. Not sure which way the baffle goes into your stove? Place the baffle upside down and allow it to fall naturally. Which ever side of the baffle ends up flat to the floor is the back of the baffle and goes in first and sits on the rear brick.
  3. Install your baffle quickly by installing the bricks into the stove and then simply the put the baffle into the stove at an angle (approx 75 degrees) and lift the baffle as high as it goes and slowly reduce the angle and straightening the baffle out until it clears the bricks and simply rest the baffle down onto the bricks.

Stove Spares Ltd - We can supply all of your Clearview spares at LOW prices with fast delivery and we offer a friendly helpful service with over 20 years experience in the industry. If you cant find the stove spares your looking for simply call our team on 01646 278010

Popular Clearview spares quick links:

Door Rope Seals:
Clearview Pioneer 400 Door Rope Kit
Clearview Vision 500 Door Rope Kit
Clearview 650/750 Door Rope Kit

Baffle/Throat Plates:
Clearview Pioneer 400 Baffle
Clearview Vision 500 Baffle
Clearview Vision Inset Baffle
Clearview 650 Baffle
Clearview 750 Baffle

Fire Bricks:
Clearview Pioneer 400 fire brick set
Clearview Vision 500 Fire Brick Set
Clearview 650 Fire Brick Set
Clearview 750 Fire Brick Set

Log Retainers:
Clearview Pioneer 400 Log Retainer
Clearview Vision 500 Log Retainer

Fire Grates:
Clearview Pioneer 400 Fire Grate
Clearview Vision 500 Fire Grate

Stove Glass:
Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove Glass
Clearview Vision 500 Stove Glass
Clearview 650/750 Stove Glass

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<![CDATA[Checking your stove over regulary]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/checking-your-stove.html Tips on giving your stove the once over

Owning a wood burning stove is not that different to owning a car.

Much the same as your much loved car, your stove needs regular check ups to ensure everything is working as it ought to be and, all the more important, that it's safe.

What should I check to ensure everything is hunky dory?

Get your chimney Swept: This should be swept at least once a year but more depending on how you use your fire. We recommend you get a qualified Chimney sweep in to advise you correctly.

Check for holes and cracks: If you're stove is made of cast iron then the walls are pinned and glued together and over the years can cause the stove to produce gaps (very rare on high end branded stoves but more aimed at the chinese imports). Likewise if over fired a steel stove could burn through if the internal parts are not replaced regularly. Checking your stove regularly will avoid having to write off your stove.

Check for rust: If you spot rust on your stove, it's best to act instantly before the issue gets worse. Use a wire brush to rub down the rust and afterward repaint with stove paint.

Check for cracks in the glass: Check the glass for any hairline cracks that are likely to develop as over time it can cause the glass to completely crack and cause smoke to escape into the room. Its a simple fix and one that should be changed straight away.

Check the fire rope seals around the glass and door: The fire rope around your stove's door and glass makes a seal that stops air and smoke sneaking in and out where it shouldn't. Do a visual check to ensure it isn't torn, squashed or frayed. At that point trap a thin bit of paper in the door way. If the paper pulls out without any effort, you have to replace the fire rope.

Check your ashpan: Your ashpan takes a considerable measure of punishment, so check regularly for warping or splits.

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