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Whilst all other parts are still widely available thanks to the fact that the baffle, bricks etc cross paths with other stoves so they are staying available for the foreseeable future. The grate unfortunately was unique to that stove and has therefore been dropped.

HOWEVER this does not mean the end. After discussions with the manufacturers and confirming that there was nothing in the pipeline to bring this back we have worked on designing and manufacturing our own aftermarket grate suitable for the stove.

We have produced a prototype that a very kind customer of ours agreed to test for us and after a few alterations to the design it has now been given the thumbs up from our customer.

We are therefore happy to announce that our new style grate suitable for the Valor Arden stove will be available around the 1st April 2020. We believe that the grate will in fact be an upgraded grate and should provide a longer lasting product.

New Design Valor Arden Fire Grate - AFS1078

Below is the old style grate versus the drawing of our new style grate.

Here is a photo of our prototype fitted to a customers stove:

Our new style grate can be pre ordered from the 1st March 2020 by visiting the product page here: Valor Arden Fire Grate - AFS1078

Pre orders will be dispatched on a next day service as soon as they complete production.

*** Please note: The new designed grate is designed and registered by "us" (Stove Spares Ltd) and its design is protected and is no way associated with the manufacturer of the above mentioned stove ***

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<![CDATA[ECO DESIGN 2022 THE FACTS]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/eco-design-2022-the-facts.html ECO DESIGN 2022 - FACTS

There has been lots of misinformed information flying around from the national newspapers with some suggesting that Woodburning stoves are set to be banned under the new rules. This is totally wrong and we will aim to set the facts here to help give you the right information moving forward.

  • Are Woodburning Stoves set to be banned under the new legislation coming into play in 2022?

NO.... There are no proposals or legislation to support this idea. The idea behind the Eco Design programme is ensure that manufacturers are ensuring that their stoves are as efficient and friendly as they can be. The idea is that this will filter out the poorly made imported products that have in the past ignored any sort of efficiency ratings etc. From 2022 any new stoves that are installed would need to be Eco Design compliant.

  • If my stove was installed before 2022 and is not listed as Eco Design do I have to remove it?

Absolutely not. Only units sold after 2022 have to comply with the new acts. This will not affect the purchase of second hand units as they would have been manufactured prior to 2022.

  • Is it true that Woodburning stoves create a lot of emissions?

No, This is not a true reflection at all and have been incorrectly published in the national press. The figures that the press included open fires, Incinerators and bonfires as well as stoves. The particulates from stoves are only attributed to around 3%.

  • How can I ensure that im burning as efficiently and cleaning as I possibly can?

    To ensure your burning cleaning we recommend a few key points:

    1. Ensure your stove is installed inline with current regulations and by a qualified knowledgeable installer.
    2. Learn how to use the air controls correctly to ensure proper use of your stove.
    3. Only use quality dry wood and avoid burning off cuts of building material etc that may have been treated or painted.
    4. Ensure that your Chimney is swept by a registered Chimney Sweep at least once a year.
    5. Ensure all spare parts are replaced once sign of damage or wear is noticed.
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      <![CDATA[SIA ECODESIGN VS ECODESIGN READY]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/sia-eco-design-vs-ecodesign-ready.html SIA ECODESIGN VS ECODESIGN READY

      What is EcoDesign 2022?

      EcoDesign 2022 is a new legislation that has been introduced by SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) to help reduce emmissions by 2022 and is supported by the UK Government and is also backed by HETAS.

      What makes a stove EcoDesign ready?

      For a stove to be awarded the SIA EcoDesign label it must be verified by HETAS as meeting the five fundamental requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015 with regard to Ecodesign for requirements for solid fuel local space heaters. This highlights the commitment to improving appliance design so that stoves are cleaner, more efficient and contribute to improving our environment through lower emissions produced.

      Is SIA EcoDesign & EcoDesign the same thing?

      No, There is a lot of confusion regarding what the official ruling is on EcoDesign offical approval. The SIA Ecodesign approval is the official Government backed scheme and these stoves will have been tested at an official authorised independent test centre and then verified by HETAS that the test is accurate and to spec. Only once its been accepted will it be awarded the offical SIA EcoDesign ready label

      Unoffical EcoDesign Ready Stoves

      The guidelines that determine whether a stove will pass EcoDesign levels are easily accessible via the SIA website and are based on NOx and particulate release. Technically a stove could be manufactured abroad and tested abroad and is found to comply with all the limits. These stoves are then branded as EcoDesign ready. Whilst technically it does or would pass the strict rules to comply it is simply not an offical EcoDesign stove.

      Only stoves that bare the official SIA Ecodesign ready label have been tested and verified in Britain and are fully backed by HETAS, Stove Industry Alliance and the UK Government.

      Buying a new stove on or after 1st January 2020

      All new appliances installed on or after 1st January 2022 will need to be EcoDesign Ready to comply with the new regulations. Whilst we recommend that you look out for the SIA ecodesign ready label you can as it currently stands can install a stove that doesnt have the SIA label but claims to be Ecodesign ready. What we would say is that you take care when choosing a stove that is not SIA approved. If a stove is not SIA approved but is claiming to be ecodesign ready it is self certifying that it has passed the new rules. You will have no real proof that it is up to the new standard and its merely a claim of readiness. Buying an SIA approved stove will be tested in the official backed test centres and the results verified by HETAS (Governing body for Solid Fuel appliances).

      2 May 2019 07:55:25

      What Brands are currenlty SIA EcoDesign Approved?

      The Following manufacturers are currently SIA /HETAS approved (correct as of 01/05/2019)

      Thu, 02 May 2019 09:47:35 +0000
      <![CDATA[Handol Vs Contura - The brands explained]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/handol-vs-contura-the-brands-explained.html Handol Vs Contura - The brands explained

      We often get questions regarding stove spares for the Contura and Handol version and many are confused as to whether they are one and the same thing.

      Nibe (Parent Company)

      Nibe stoves is the largest Nordic manufacturer of high end quality wood burning stoves and employs around 950 people within the stove industry. NIBE is the parent company of Contura stoves. NIBE has become one of the most respected and most trusted manufacturers over the years and offer a fantastic range of stoves for all needs and their products are built in a state of the art factory which shows in the quality of their products.

      Handol (Handöl) and Contura Connection

      Going back probably 6 years plus the stove side of Nibe was split into 2 separate brands. Handol was the more traditional black box type of stove and the the more contemporary circular type stoves where branded under the Contura name.

      Nibe Stoves decided to bring all the stoves under one name and now all stoves come under the "Contura" branding. Nothing has changed other than the name on the door casting.

      Handol & Contura Stove spares

      This is one of the most commonly asked question we receive:

      Q: Ive got a Handol 51... will the bricks and other spares for a Contura 51 fit?

      A: Yes, all the spares have stayed the same. It is the exact same stove and the only difference is that the front door used to have the Handol logo on the cast and now it says Contura.

      So please feel free to check out our Contura stove spares page and be confident that even if your stove is branded as "Handol" its the same stove as the Contura version.

      Best Selling Contura/Handol spares:

      Our best seling spares are the Contura 51 stove spares and we stock large quantity for fast delivery.

      The Contura 51 is the best selling Contura stove in the UK and rightly so its one of the best stoves we have ever come across in terms of its quality and performance. The contura 51 stove is a pleasure to use and burns extremely clean.

      The most popular Contura 51/51L spares are as follows:

      Please also note: You may see the spares advertised as Contura 50 Series, this is because the spares within this category fit all of the 5X series of stoves e.g. Contura 51, Contura 51L, Contura 52, Contura 54 etc

      Sat, 27 Apr 2019 07:51:30 +0000
      <![CDATA[[LATEST NEWS] OFFICIAL CONTURA STOVE SPARES SUPPLIERS ]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/latest-news-official-contura-stove-spares-suppliers.html AUTHORISED LEADING SPARES RETAILER FOR CONTURA STOVES

      We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as authorised stockists for Contura spare parts.

      We are the Uk's largest stockists of spare parts with hundreds of Contura spares in stock ready for dispatch.

      We keep good stock of all the popular parts within our 2000sq ft fully equipped warehouse and can dispatch parts in most cases the same day if ordered before midday.

      We offer great value for money along with a superb next day delivery service by DPD all for an industry leading low price of £4.95.

      Looking for a part that's not listed? No problem We can source all Contura parts directly from Sweden.

      View our spares click the link to the right: Contutra Spares

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      <![CDATA[[NEW PRODUCT] Stove Spares Hot Mitt]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/new-product-stove-spares-hot-mitt.html

      Stove Spares "Hot Mitt™" heat resistant glove

      Our latest product to be launched is the Hot Mitt™. The Hot Mitt™ is an extremely high quality glove that can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Centigrade making one of the highest quality heat gloves on the market today.

      Made from a specialist weave of Kevlar and Nomex and finished with heat proof silicone for grip the Hot Mitt is great for opening the door of your stove or for emptying the ash pan or any other associated job that involves heat.

      Our glove can you used on either hand and is designed to be extremely flexible unlike traditional leather gauntlet gloves.

      All Hot Mitts are machine washable and if maintained can last a long time.

      What is it made from?

      Our extremely high quality Hot Mitt is manufactured from the very best materials available.


      Most famously known for being used in bullet proof vests, Kevlar is also used to strengthen tyres and racing sails. One of its other uses is its resistance to heat for short periods of time. When woven together it creates a strong weave that is tear resistant and heat resistant.


      Nomex is flame resistant so when combined with Kevlar offers the perfect material for use when using for picking up hot items and can be especially effective when using with BBQ's.


      High quality thick layer of cotton is applied on the internal of the glove to provide a comfortable and soft additional layer.

      Buy Hot Mitt today

      Looking for a new stove heat glove.? Buy our Hot Mitt stove glove today

      Sat, 03 Mar 2018 11:14:19 +0000
      <![CDATA[[NEW PRODUCT] Levante Wood Burning Stove Fans]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/levante-wood-burning-stove-fans.html

      Stove Spares Ltd is proud to be able to offer our latest product the Levante ECO 5 Stove Fan. Over the past 6 months we have tried and tested many stove fans and we are now proud to be able to announce that our own stove fan is due to go on sale on the 1st February 2018. The Levante Eco 5 stove fan has been developed with built in safety features and many custom options to ensure that you find the best stove fan for your home.

      Colour Options:

      We decided that we wanted to develop as many options as possible to ensure we offer the very best options and to ensure that you can find the fan that best fits in with your decor.

      We are proud to offer 5 different colour options:




      ROSE RED



      During the design process and during our time of testing other products we couldnt help but notice that the wires that are connected to the motor and the heat pad were on clear display which looked a little untidy. In order to fix this we fixed a protection plate to the back of the fan to enclose and protect the wires from damage and also for cosmetic reasons.

      A Major issue with some of the cheaper manufactured fans coming from Asia is that they tend to burn themselves out if they are subjected to high temperatures. Whilst you should ensure that you position the fan in the correct position and ensure that the stove is not run too hot we have developed a safety device to try and help combat this issue.

      Below is a metal strip that will start to curl at approx 200 degrees. By starting to bend it will begin to list the fan off the top of the stove slightly to try and reduce the contact and thus reduce the temperature before damage is caused to the motor or the specialist heat pad.


      All Levante Stove fans come with a 2 year warranty. Should your fan become faulty simply return the fan to us along with a copy of your receipt and we will repair or replace the Stove fan and deliver the fan back to you. Please note that the warranty does not cover damage that is a result of over firing the stove and damaging the components.

      We also offer an out of warranty repair service. Simply contact our team and arrange to send the fan back to us for inspection. Our team will provide a quote for the repairs and if accepted we will take payment and complete the repair and return it back to you. Should you decide against the repair we offer a part exchange service where we will take the faulty fan back and discount a new replacement fan with £20 off the current price. This way you get a new fan at a great new price with a fresh 2 year warranty so you can be rest assured your guaranteed a long life from your stove fan.


      Looking to buy one of our stove fans? You can purchase the latest models HERE

      Sun, 14 Jan 2018 23:32:12 +0000
      <![CDATA[[ NEW PRODUCT ] STOVE ROPE GLUE]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/new-product-stove-rope-glue.html Woodburning Stove Rope glue

      Stove Spares Ltd is proud to announce the launch of our newest product. We have developed our own specification rope adhesive glue designed for use on wood burning stoves.

      Our glue has been developed to provide a very tacky consistency which will ensure the rope stays in place whilst the repair is taking place.

      We spent a lot of time designing our custom made bottles and we are proud to announce our 30ml postage saver bottles which can be sent through the post via large letter for only £0.98 via 1st class large letter service compared to a standard round bottle which has to be sent as a small parcel costing £3.35. Thats a saving of £2.37!

      We offer the fantastic 30ml postage saver bottles and we also offer a 100ml traditional bottle for larger jobs or for Chimney Sweeps and fitters who use glue throughout the day.


      Looking for a new stove rope glue supplier with fantastic discounts? Check out our glue and request a free sample today by visiting our site and supplying your details. We will send you a free sample and a price list should you like our glue.

      Check out our glue here: http://www.stoveropeglue.co.uk

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      <![CDATA[Woodburning stove spares]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/woodburning-stove-spares.html Woodburning stove spares

      What spares should I check in my woodburner?

      As the winter slowly creeps in now is a great time to check your stove for any damaged or worn out parts in your stove. Checking your stove for damaged parts and replacing them will save a lot of hassle and money later on and will ensure that your stove is ready to work hard when the weather finally kicks in.

      Parts to check

      There are a few main line stove parts that should be checked on a regular basis.

      Baffle Plate / Throat Plate - The Baffle plate is a large steel or cast iron plate that sits at the roof of the stove and is designed to protect the roof of the stove and to slow the flames within the fire to ensure better combustion and keep the heat in the firebox for longer to increase he stoves efficiency.

      The first signs of wear can be the plate becoming misshaped due to he heat or even holes to burn through the metal.

      Fire Bricks: - The sfire bricks line the internal walls of the stove and act as a protective barrier and stock the stove from becoming damaged for the intense heat. Signs of wear can be thinning of the brick or missing clumps of brick. Never use a stove that has large chunks missing where the body of the stove is exposed as this will certainly damage the stove.

      Rope Seals: Its important that all rope seals are in good working order to ensure that the stove works efficiently by only burning the fuel required, A poorly sealed stove can allow too much air in and cause the stove to burn more fuel.

      Fire Grates and Bars: The fire bars or grates hold the fuel within the firebox so understandably they take a fair bit of punishment, Check for warping, thinning or cracks in the grates and replace.

      Stove Spares Ltd - we provide high quality wood burning stove spares at affordable prices, all over UK. Order woodburner spares, call us on 01646 278010

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      <![CDATA[Stove Spares Ltd Goes Worldwide]]> https://www.stovesparesltd.co.uk/blog/stove-spares-ltd-goes-worldwide.html Stove Spares Ltd Now ships WORLDWIDE

      Stove Spares ltd is proud to announce that due to our rapid expansion we are launching our Spares business in Over 60 countries worldwide. Customers visiting from foreign countries will automatically be prompted to visit our website in their native country and will seamlessly be taken to the our new website in the chosen country.

      Once transferred to the website in the country of your choice the website will be displayed 100% in your chosen language and all prices will be displayed in the countries own currency.

      How It Works:

      Upon landing on our site on a product page you will be greeted by a pop up message acknowledging that you are visiting from a foreign country. In this example we have used France as the example.

      Once you accept that you want to view the French version it will re-directly quickly to the new website.

      Once on the new website the product page will be translated and all prices will be displayed in Euro and you can complete the check out in French and in Euros as shown below:

      The order will be processed and shipped to the destination by our international couriers.

      So if your an Expat living in a different country or you have a stove but are based in Germany and spares are unavailable in your country then we can help. Simply place your order and leave the rest to us. We will ship your spare parts to over 60 countries worldwide including France, Germany, Spain and even as far as Japan and China.

      Wed, 13 Sep 2017 10:54:15 +0000