Stove Spares Ltd Spares Counter - Neyland, SA73 1SE

Whilst our main focus is that of an online retailer supplying the whole of the UK & Europe we do also have a small customer collection and Trade counter area.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and current legislation regarding face to face sales we are unfortunatly not allowed to trade via our retail showroom and as a result the doors will be locked until further notice.

We are fully operational in terms of our online business and orders can be placed via our website or we can be contacted via telephone.  We cannot and will not however answer the doors to any customers who arrive at our premises.  We are only accepting deliveries at our premises.

Should you require parts quickly as a result of the parts being required to enable you to have essential heating we can arrange for you to collect the parts providing our strict guidelines are followed.  Please note that it is up to you to decide whether the trip is part of an essential journey.

Should you require a part to be collected you must do the following:

  1. Contact us via Live Chat or Telephone (Please do not arrive unannounced)
  2. Once we determine that we have the part in stock we can take payment over the phone and put the parts aside for you.  We do have a contactless card machine on site should this be required and the machines are sanitised prior to each use.  We do however reccomend that you bring sanitiser to clean your hands after use to reduce risks.
  3. We will agree an approx time for you to arrive.
  4. Once you arrive please press the door bell placed to your right hand side of the large red roller shutter doors.  Please note that this is a Video door bell and asa result will record video and sound upon activation.  We will then ask you to step away from the doors via the Video door bells 2 way communications and we will place the box of parts out side the door for you to safely collect after we have closed the door.

Should you require, you can request via the door bell that we place the parts into an opened boot.  Please note that you must open the boot before we come out and sit in your vehicle or at a safe distance.  We will then go back into the building and request that you close the boot of your car.

Returning Items locally

When returning items we request that you contact us via email, Live chat or Via Telephone.  Please do not arrive at our premises without prior communications.

Once agreed, please arrive and press the door bell where we will communicate via the video link up.  We will ask for you to leave the parts in clear view of the camera and ask that you move away from the box.

Once we are  happy we will come out and collect the box.  We will the arrange any refunds manually from within the building. Please ensure your details are within the return so we can ensure a smooth process.

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