Stove Pro HT300 Stove Rope Seal Adhesive silicone - 300ml

Stove Pro HT300 Stove Rope Seal Adhesive silicone - 300ml

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Stove Pro HT300 Stove Rope Seal Adhesive Silicone - 300ml

British made high quality RTV silicone designed to aid easy installation of door rope seals on to wood burning stoves and similar products where heat is an issue.

Easy to apply using a sealant gun for increased accuracy compared to traditional squeezy bottles.

As of 17th March 2021, all 300ml tubes now come complete with resealable nozzle.

Supplied in larger 300ml tubes for heavier users.

Suitable for use upto 300 C of constant temperature.

Supplied in 300ml Tube - Sealant gun not supplied.

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